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Tekkit Crashes when mod is added to client.


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So, I wanted to add this mod for my server. I added the mod to my server and my client, and when I launch the client, it crashes. I have a crash report, however, I do not know if there is a way to post it as like a spoiler so it does not make a MASSIVE post. I can post the crash report as a reply if there is no other way.


Basic info:


OS: Windows 7 x64

MC server runs tekkit w/ Forge

MC client launches as version 1.64

Mod that causes fault is also for version 1.64


Not sure what else someone might need to assist, but I can provide any information needed.


Thank you in advance.



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If you modify your Tekkit, you are automatically building a custom modpack, which is not supported as a Tekkit installation. Custom modpacks are discussed on Platform Pagoda.

It is laudable that you held back on spilling the log. Please use Pastebin or a similar web service to post logs, and all will be fine.


So what you do now is upload your log to Pastebin and head over to Platform Pagoda. Or self-report your post and kindly ask a moderator to move it there.

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