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Laser Drill Precharger Question


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Has anyone ever seen a situation where they aren't craftable, even when they're not explicitly denied in a permissions module?  


I manage a Tekkit server for a site and we've got a user with OP powers that can't craft them.  The drill head piece itself is craftable just fine, but the precharger just won't craft at all.  


I did some search on the forums here and on other tekkit sites, including the wiki and I'm coming up empty.  Any thoughts?  


We've got WorldEdit/Guard and Essentials installed, but I don't see anything in the files that says it's a blocked item per se. (and we're OK with our users having access to them) 

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Tell him to recheck the recipe. Some ingredients are used in both the prechargers and in the actual drill, but in subtly different positions. I once needed ten minutes to figure out why mine wouldn't craft, and I simply had mixed up placement on two ingredients.

If unsure, shift-clicking the question mark icon next to the recipe in NEI will transfer the recipe directly to a compatible crafting area if it's opened. Only if the problem persists after doing that, you should look into possible technical causes. Which would be a client-side modpack reset for that user.

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Keep in mind also that items that look identical, but have a different damage value than the recipe, will fail to work in a lot of those MFR recipes. Ie: item id 1 is used, but you have 1:5 instead of i "1" (1:0, more precisely) and thus it fails because the metadata values dont match up even though theyre more or less the same.

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