Tekkit Lite Server Installation Problems

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Okey i got it. The problem was the jre version. I installed the jre7 version and now it works.


BUT i got second problem :D maybe anyone can help me out here. The tekkit lite version is patched on 1.4.7 and the server is patched on 1.6.4. Because of that i can´t join my server. how can i fix that?!

The tekkit lite version is setted by the technic launcher and the server version is just downloaded on the homepage...i don´t know what to do now s:

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Tekkit Lite (like all modpacks) use a specific version of Forge/MC for mods, each of which requires that specific version of Forge/MC. Tekkit Lite is built for Forge/MC 1.4.7. This cannot be changed and must be the same on both client and server. This is why the Technic group provides both the client and the server for Tekkit Lite. In order to use the Tekkit Lite client, you must download and run the "Tekkit Lite" server, not the "Tekkit" server, which is built for Forge/MC 1.6.4.

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