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Forestry installation issues

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I am trying to add forestry to my tekkit server and I am having problems. I read around on the forums and tried adding z before the .jar file to make it load before ic2 but when I run the server i get this error http://pastebin.com/JqQu5rWQ . I can't figure out what the problem is from this. I added the client file of the same version to my technic launcher and that seems to be working fine. Also, I am using a mac if that matters.

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If it is a forge error than you will need to use a earlier version of forestry that will work with the version which tekkit uses. As updating forge your self is a big no no due to it being a core mod which most of the other mods require to function. Especially since they did a few massive changes to forge recently since tekkit was updated last.

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