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Questions about updating forge version for my modpack and server


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So I built my modpack based off of plowmanplow's barebonespack with MC version 1.7.10 and Forge version 1231 as that seemed straightforward and has worked fantastically for me.

I then assembled a server to correspond with my pack and it has been doing fine.

But now I'm at a point where if I want to be up to date I need to update to forget 1236, mainly to update Enhanced Portals 3 and fix an issue with phantom rain in Mystcraft. But also to be prepared for updates to other mods.

How do I go about updating my pack so that it gets pushed through the same pack in the launcher? I haven't assembled a pack completely from scratch so I'm not 100% on the process.

I imagine the server is fairly stright forward as I have installed and updated downgraded restarted and went to vanilla and back and I'm pretty familiar with that. But I have never upgraded forge with a currentlyrics running modpack.

So basically I'm asking for tips/advice. I don't want to ruin our current world lol.

Thank you for taking the time to read, and hopefully comment on, my post.

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You can update anything within the same minecraft version and it will be fine. i have updated and down dated forge many times and my modpack server world is working even though i have down dated forge and mods.


You can update your forge by downloading the latest universal build and placing that in your BIN folder replacing the old one, you can do the same with updated mods but place them in your mods. Once done all that stuff upload the updated version of the pack and change the URL of your modpack to the new URL of your updated ZIP of the pack. Make sure you apply a changelog so users can look at your changes to the modpack. Same goes to the beta platform although there is a current bug with it so when you update the new platform, a update notification doesn't come through to users via launcher4

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