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Adding other mods


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I believe it is, except I do not think you will be able to play multiplayer on those modpacks after you do. If I am right, then all you have to do is download the mod and put it in the 'mods' folder inside of the modpack's folder. If the mod is for the version of minecraft that you are playing, then it should work.

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Whether or not you'll be able to play multiplayer with the mods depends on whether or not said mod would need to be installed on the server. Basically, if it's something that would only affect you (MiniMap and other HUD mods come to mind) then you'd still be able to play on servers of the base pack, but if it adds new content such as items, blocks, recipes, etc (stuff like Thermal Expansion or Thaumcraft) then you wouldn't be able to play on the server unless it also installed the same version of the mod as you. 

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