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Attack of the B-team takes you back to launcher [fix]


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So i had this problem for a while. Where you try to open B-team, everything loads up then... launcher pops right back up, no minecraft. ive tried every fix on the forum, including replacing the ProjectRed files (which just gives more headaches). And through digging and searching and mining for the answer, i found the holy grail! The problem is java 8. you must revert back to either java 7 or 8-u22 or something like tat. Look on the Java archives page. Youll see what i mean. i see a lot of people with this issue, its an easy fix. Read your error log file though. if it it says something about [Not supported anymore in 8.0] then this might be your problem.

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How would you revert java? Im using a brand new laptop so I have no previous version on here and dosnt the site only offer most recent?



Nevermind I found it. Sorry for pointless post.


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Confirming that launcher did not restart after uninstalling java 8. Launched normally on java 7.

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