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[0.6.5] **Atomkraftwerk** [PvP] [Anarchy] [Freebuild] [Survival] [GriefPrevention] [Teamspeak] [NoLag] (www.atompark.eu)


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Servername: Atomkraftwerk

Serverip: atompark.eu

We decided to create a Freebuild PvP Server for the people that want to play the real Tekkit-Lite.
Get in touch with fighting against others, raiding enemys, building factorys to make you more powerfull, defending your base against others and raising your base.

Server Information:
    Grief Prevention with Siege Mode (You can claim a small land in the
    entire world, but you can be besieged if youre online)
    Mostly vanilla with pvp everywhere on
    Server started: 27.Oct.2014
    Server Difficulty: Survival
    Mods Removed: Dimensional Doors and Mystcraft

Server Rules:
    Do not hack, exploit, duplicate
    Do not advertise in anyway




Second Server: Anubis (coming soon)

This server was designed to give you an never forgetting tekkit feeling.
Custom Weapon Mods, Gravity, Cave Worlds and more! Absolute Custom, Absolute Hardcore Suvival!

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