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[1.0.12b]Frenzy Survival[Whitelist][No Banned Items][All Welcome!]

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Frenzy Survival Minecraft Server!

Hello! I am Kaleb! (AKA Wolfers) (AAKA KickButtKaleb12) and I am inviting everyone to my Attack of the B-Team server! Look below for details!

Server Rules

  • NO Griefing /ban
  • NO Stealing /tempban
  • NO Pranks TO EXCESS! If the pranks get to grief point then its a nice hearty ban for a day.
  • Always help when in need, if you are at war then you don't have to just be nice!



How Do I get whitelisted? Well it is simple! Fill out this easy little application and pop you can get on!


In Game Name:

Will you record(if yes channel link please):


Some extra details! We have no banned items, no plugins, we have about 99% uptime, and we welcome all.

However, we are looking for people who can be trusted and who can live in a town without accusing someone of a piece of dirt going missing!




Adios, mi amigos!(Good bye my friends)

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Hello and i wold like to join your server my IGN is FireDragon356
I am 18 years old, and my skype username is Dragonjam  . . . 
sorry i will not be recording anything i am not a youtuber. (does this disqualify me)? 
i hope this is the proper place to post this :P


Nothing TO SEE here Keep Moving Sirs'

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I'm sorry i changed my mind since i cannot be in 2 server Tekkit servers at once i decided to cancel my application . . . i simply don't have the time. i wold have simply deleted the application from this forum and be done but i don't know how to so i'm posting this instead i hope i have not wasted much of your time . . .

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In Game Name: Luke123x2




Will you record(if yes channel link please):I may i was trying to start one up. the only thing is i do not have a screen capture software. But i just have my opening on. https://www.youtube.com/user/Luke123x2



Also is there /spawn  /wild  and one /sethome. Can you claim land

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In Game Name: ob189


Age: 15 (Turning 16 in 4 months)


Skype name: feliwebe1


I don't record because I haven't found a good server yet, but I would definitively consider it if this server is trustworthy.


p.s. I am brothers with Luke123x2.

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In Game Name: 35cap3ma5t3r


Age: 23


Skype: speedisgud


Will you record? I do some streaming on twitch every now and then. I am not very popular though. It is twitch.tv/35cap3ma5t3r


Message me whenever it is convenient to you and you can ask me anything. 


Thank you


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In Game Name: KirioNovus       (might change soon)

Age: 14

Skype: Kirio.gamer

Will you record? nawhh dun think so ;)

I used to play a lot of this modpack at released but stopped cus of '''LIFE''' =D.

I made a mistake and i think i replied twice 


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  • Anything claiming to be official Technic servers are not allowed here, for obvious reasons

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