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Idea: Dis-enchanter and Arcane Enchanter

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This is more of a personal reason for this posting, but I'm sure there's other folks out there wanting something similar. Essentially what it would be is a enchanting table, but it would would have a slot for scrolls or whatever the hell you want to call it, and instead of enchanting, it would sap all the stats and guff from the piece of gear you have in the slot, and give you a scroll with the same stats, this would be completely useless however, unless you had an Arcane Enchanter. This would be linked to a new spell, Spirit Net, which would also be a magical stat on various weapons that would automatically use this spell when allowable. What this Spirit Net spell/weapon stat would do is capture the souls of various monsters throughout the world, said potency of these souls would depend on the level and health of the monster captured, think PokeMon, the health helped in the long run, and the level of the pokemon proved how powerful it is. Now, once you've collected the crystal potent enough to transmute all of the stats into the piece of gear, you'd then require an arcane enchanter...or something like that, call it what you like frizz. Anywho, said arcane enchanter would cost quite a bit of resources blocks of gold, diamond, blocks of ore maybe, all sorts of difficult to find stuff, and then after crafting it, you could set it down, and re-enchant all your gear. One can enchant both vanilla and H/M magic stats, once can also enchant all of his/hers stats into a non noticeable item, such as a ring or amulet, said defense would also pass over, because hey, that's a hell of a lot of resources and time...might as well.

Heart~Koel Esq.

P.S. Frizz, I know you've got a lot on your plate, pay no heed to those whiny gits that are complaining about updates and take your time if so desired. Thanks for the mod too ^_^

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