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Witchery Mod Update (Werewolves and other things!)


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Knowing this forum, I have a feeling that something like this was already posted, if it was delete this please. (I don't like forum spam as well). 


If you don't know, the witchery mod was recently updated on January 11 with werewolves, wolves and other mystical things revolving around the canines. I know it came out recently, but how soon can we have it installed in this pack? 




Link: https://sites.google.com/site/witcherymod/news/witchery0220released

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I don't think Technic team decides what goes in on AotBt. It's Generikb's call, go ask him


Last I heard he wished to make a new modpack, called Revenge of the B-team. What mods go in there is anyones guess...

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