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recconmended version??


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This has probably been asked before, but im a little confused. First of all I run a hexxit server and I love hexxit and all the mods and hard work that has gone into it. What I dont understand is why is the recommened version on the technic launcher still 1.0.10 I undtand that the newest beta is still in testing and there is lots of bugs, but isnt there a newer stable version that isnt the band newest like 2.0 or anything? The reason I ask this is because I would like to use a newer version of spigot on my server and or mcpc-plus, but hexxit is still using the 1.5.2 minecraft version, and not much is supported with mine craft 1.5.2 any more. thanks for reading

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Skuli, the only modpack maintainer of Technic, resigned due to fatigue. Iskandar is the new modpack builder and will start Hexxit from scratch. keep your eyes peeled when he announces a beta release

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