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  1. Yeah, already done. Ignore the version numbers on that list. Again, that list was from a few weeks back, I've updated things since. Because I have Quiver Bow instead. Approaching 40 different ranged weapons randing from the silly to the holy crap is that a bit OP. Oh, and he just added a turret. A turret that you can a) make follow you around as a sidekick or ride like you would a mecha.
  2. No, Optifine will never be included by default. While it does help some people, it can actually harm performance for others and it doesn't always play nice with Forge, causing rendering issues. Plus, Optifine won't really help you too much here. Much of the load comes not from rendering but from procedural generation and chunk loading. As such what you need is FastCraft, which I'd highly recommend for any pack tbh. And, before you ask, I won't be including it either. Not because I don't want to, I would if I could. I just can't secure permissions the way Player has set them up. It had issues with mod weapons, specifically TiCo and Quiver Bow. plus, as a personal thing, I wasn't fond of it.
  3. Here is the more or less complete list. I've been unable to secure permissions for Atum and Legend Gear 2, however Legend Gear will be coming back as soon as I can. Poor Ores is out, Epic Siege mod is in, and Ruins is coming soon. While I don't have an ETA (beyond Soontm) most of my side of things is done. There is some launcher work to be done as well as artwork and stuff. Most of the reports I am getting back now are mostly positive and I am really happy with how the pack is progressing. That said, I expect the sudden influx of several thousand people to find new and interesting ways to break things. Still, given enough time to mature and people willing to give it a chance I think it will stack up nicely against the original Hexxit. Not better, necessarily, but just as good in its own way. I'm really excited, and more than a bit scared, to see what you guys think.
  4. That is a working 1.7.10 copy. Updated by the mod authors, even.
  5. http://build.technicpack.net/job/HexxitGear/30/ That Hexxit Gear?
  6. First official 1.7.10 from the Technic team, yeah.
  7. Hexxit II will be the first 1.7.10 pack, then Tekkit.
  8. Which should be next week or maybe the week after, yeah. It is coming along, if a bit slower than I'd like.
  9. It is easier to start fresh then try to figure out someone else's vision. and I have my own plans.
  10. Yes, I'm taking over. I'm hoping to have an alpha build available sometime soon. I have a preliminary run of mods sort of working together, but I have to go through and pound config issues flat and make sure what I have plays nicely together. I'll make a post sometime soon showing off what I have and making a call for initial testers within a week.
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