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Pretty sounds? What pretty sounds?


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So after much anticipation, a few weeks ago I started a private server using the awesome Tekkit pack. I made sure I could connect to my own server, then I bundled up the client files to send to my friends, some of whom aren't very technically inclined. I wanted to send a package that was literally drag-drop-play (which I may not have to do any more thanks to the spiffy launcher!).

I got them properly set up, and everything was happy and fun. Then they started making comments of all the cool new sounds, and I was confused. Apparently, though we are all using the exact same files, all of them can hear these spiffy sounds like crickets chirping and the wind (which I've actually been told is a little annoying). I would think that, since the sounds work fine for everyone else, it must be a hardware issue on my side. All of them have computers from all walks of life, both better and worse than mine, and I rotated through a few different sound output devices to no avail. I hear all the normal minecraft sounds fine (zombies, fall damage, item pickup, etc.) and I hear mod noises alright (IC2 machines, not sure that others make noises). I'm just not getting these fancy ambient sounds, I think.

Has anyone else run into this problem and/or thought of a solution that might help? Thanks in advance!

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I believe I did the full install when I set it up and just hit the checkboxes on everything, but I will have to double check to be sure.

What gets me is that it works for everyone I've sent the files to. Basically I got the game all situated to run on my computer, then zipped up the .minecraft folder and sent it on its way. I haven't found any in-game settings to help.

Ultimately, it's not a giant issue, of course. I don't want to cause anyone to spend more time than they have trying to find a fix. Just figured I'd check if there was a quick fix. I'll look into the Matmos setup.

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The sound for matmos must have defaulted to 0 for you. Press F9 (I think) and there should be a UI element that will appear. Note: If it doesn't appear, then you either don't have Matmos installed for some reason, or it isn't working right. Looking up will turn the volume for Matmos up, and looking down will turn the volume down. I think default is 100%.

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You know what? I think I remember trying the F7 deal, and it actually just crashed my game on the client side. I was trying it while on the server, though, so maybe I should do it in the more controlled environment of a single player game? After I make sure it is installed properly, of course.

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The mother of all solutions is trial and error. Give it a try. Maybe it will work. If not, you could probably assume something wasn't installed right.

Also, do you have any extra mods installed on your client?

Here's what I have on my checklist right now:

-Try F7 in single player mode to alter the volume.

-A fresh install of the pack, being sure MATmos is installed.

-Make another hunt around MC (and eventually the internet) for possible issues.

The more I think about it, the more I think it can't be a missing installation of MATmos, simply because my friends are using the exact same files that I am to run the game, and the sounds seem to work for them. Could there be another cause that theirs works and mine doesn't other than "generic hardware issue"?

Tekkit includes all the mods I'm using. The foray into bukkit and such on the server files was interesting, and I know there is plenty of unlocked potential there, but I can't remember anything off hand for the client side.

EDIT: So, I have figured out that MATmos is at least installed. The crashing issue seemed to be from just tapping F7, which I guess made it bring the menu up and close it too quickly. If I hold F7 and do the look up/down deal, I get the MATmos volume meter. Unfortunately, even when I cranked the sound to +400%, I still got nothing.

Is there maybe a directory that the sound files are supposed to be that they, for some reason, are not present in? I think that confirms that MATmos is installed, though the correctness may still be up for debate.

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I'm not entirely sure where the sound files are supposed to be located for Matmos. I think it may be under the resource folder in the folder that the installer created for the game. Maybe take a look to see if the files are actually there?

I think the sounds would be under a folder called mods, or something like that. I don't know if it's in another folder in the resource folder. I don't have the actual game files with me right now, so this may be completely incorrect.

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