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Help... tnt greif

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Dear god... Do you people not ever use google? seriously... Do you realize that Worldguard has a whole section dedicated for blacklisting items. and even better, can automatically kick/ban them upon placing the object.

Your not ready yet to create a server, just play with it and learn. it takes time. also if you have noticed there are plenty of stickies that if you bothered to read for 30 seconds they would probably fix your problem.

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considering I HAVE over 30 players on right now within 2 days, pretty sure something is right.

In my experience, people are drawn to "anarchy" servers (Normally read: incompetent staff). Tell me how many players you have in two months and we'll judge how well you're doing.

Also you might be aware that removing the NEI mod server-side should help quell some of the issues, but Worldguard ban-on-placement should totally fix your issue.

You could also take a visit to the stickies in this forum, namely:


Also, because you seem so fantastic at server ownership, this should bring you up to mediocre-status:


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yeah ok I'm new to tekkit yes... I have always used bukkit new to tekkit, sure I admit that... but he suggested something I did try (world guard) doesn't matter if you world guard it they will still make giant holes everywhere.

but its the way he said it.. sooo sarcastic.

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