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[1.2.9f]Forsakencraft[PVE][60 slots][whitelist][24/7]

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This server was created at the goal of creating a small community, so you can expect to meet new people , make new friends and have a good time here as long as you follow the rules. The server is mainly PVE eg, but to make it more enjoyable there will be hosted " war " like events, spiting players into teams, and whichever team wins, receives a certain reward to the players of that team.


Since this is a tightly knit community based server no mods are banned / restricted, but you'll be expected to be responsible , e.g. not attempt to lag or crash the server.


- No greifing 

- No stealing 

- No racism  / sexism 

- No attempting to crash the server 
- Don't be disrespectful

- No asking for items / op or such

- Don't be a nuisance, eg , annoying other players 

- Have fun ;)



Application To apply to the server , fill out the following :


- In game name :

-  Age :

- What you will bring to our community :




Server IP:




If you're looking for a smaller community based server to base yourself in, this may be the server for you.

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- In game name : 69thatguy69

-  Age : 23

- What you will bring to our community : Your mom. No, in all seriousness I will bring a good a atmosphere n to s the server w with more, your e mom jokes. I r also believe I would make a great addition to this server.


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- In game name : JacobPlaysGames

-  Age : 15

- What you will bring to our community : I love whitelisted servers and this server looks like it is one of the best. I love to help people I will always be there to help anyone new who isn't sure what a item foes or how to use something. I'm also very mature so I will take serious situations seriously. This in no way means that I don't love to have fun. I know when it is time to be funny and when it isn't. I think think that I would fit right into the community of the server. I'm also fairly knowledgeable with most of the mods so I can help people with their builds if the need help.


Thanks For Reading :)

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- In game name: M0DXx (that's with a zero)

-  Age: 16

- What you will bring to our community: I will try and help others wherever I can, for example if I have expertise in a certain mod and someone else doesn't I would be willing to help them. I would also expect the same given to me. I like to think I am a friendly person and I definitely respect others. I am generally alright to work with although I tend to ask a lot of questions, but I don't find anything wrong with that, since that's how you learn and gain knowledge, by asking questions.

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- In game name : fizzg

-  Age : 14

- What you will bring to our community :  On whitelisted servers, I always try to help others (this doesn't mean giving them tons of items). I used to play tekkit a lot so I know quite a bit about items to help people. I'd say I'm quite mature for my age but there's also times when you shouldn't be serious. I like teaming up with people and helping them build.

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Age: 24

What you will bring to our community: I feel like I can bring a helping hand to the community. I've been involved in numerous communities in numerous different mmo styled games and I strive to follow the golden rule and be a helpful social community pillar within each of these groups. I'm not saying I will be vital to your community, but I would truely be honored to be a part of your community, and will work hard to be a valued member of the community. Loyalty is also very important to me


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