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  1. This looks quite nice but one striking thing is that it has 2,000 slots yet you use "small community" as one of your features? Don't get me wrong, I love small communities, but something about those two statements don't add up, is there something I'm missing?
  2. Age: 17 IGN: M0DXx (with a zero) Reason you want to join: I used to play a lot of tekkit a long time ago and I'm now looking to get back into it. Singleplayer is boring and small servers are better because you interact with the whole community more and are generally more significant. I'm looking to have fun and just generally build cool stuff. If you don't mind answering, where is the server hosted?
  3. If a slot opens, do you mind PMing me to notify me and then I'll submit an app? After of course the two people behind me have had their want of a slot dealt with.
  4. - In game name: M0DXx (that's with a zero) - Age: 16 - What you will bring to our community: I will try and help others wherever I can, for example if I have expertise in a certain mod and someone else doesn't I would be willing to help them. I would also expect the same given to me. I like to think I am a friendly person and I definitely respect others. I am generally alright to work with although I tend to ask a lot of questions, but I don't find anything wrong with that, since that's how you learn and gain knowledge, by asking questions.
  5. Name: Moss (Short for Mosawer) Username: M0DXx (that's with a zero) Skype: m0dxxx (retarded, I know, try not to judge please) Age: 15 2 reasons why do you like to play Tekkit: I want to play tekkit so that I can learn what's changed since tekkit classic (since I haven't played tekkit for a long time) and I also want to have fun in a small community building great things (In tekkit classic, I used the energy collectors with auto crafting tables and such to fully automate the making of certain resources. I think applied energistics has something similar so that might be what I look into later on.)
  6. When will you be getting back from the cruise? So we know when to check back.
  7. Hello, I'm interested in joining. I have played a lot of tekkit classic a looong time ago and a bit of tekkit lite recently so I have some experience but will still need help. I usually like playing on small servers with small communities, so this topic seems to fit perfectly. In terms of vanilla minecraft experience I have been playing since beta so I know well about it. Hope you can accept me, IGN: M0DXx (that's with a zero) Thanks
  8. Wait, this isn't a tekkit lite server? So this was all a huge waste of my time? Thanks so much Sardjoe... Also yeah, I forgot to mention the main part is that you don't just remove someone without saying anything, especially over something this small.
  9. Looking over this, forget my request to join the server. I have had plenty of awful owners on servers I've been on before, I do not want to deal with another. If you take one little side comment, exaggerate it into me being impatient and completely make up something about me being intolerant I genuinely do not want to be under you. Ever. Furthermore, you calling me intolerant is heavily ironic, because I'm tolerating waiting about 4 hours for your ass, then you can't tolerate a little side comment with no meaning, THAT'S intolerance, so don't call me intolerant you hypocrite.
  10. That was not the conversation had on my side, take a look at this: [14:23:24] Moss: Heyo [14:30:06] Moss: You there? [15:28:30] Moss: Well ok then [17:47:09] Moss: Dude, you there yet? [18:16:23] DrSardjoe: oh hey [18:16:41] Moss: That took a while ._. [18:17:09] Moss: So... the server? *You removed me here* [18:21:27] Moss: Alright then... Note how the time stamps show gaps of up to 2 hours, I was gladly waiting for you, thinking you might have work or something until quite late, then you respond with "oh hey" I ask about the server and you remove me...
  11. Tried to contact this guy through skype, he simply didn't respond for hours then when he responded with "oh hey" I asked about joining the server and he just removed me. Good luck if you want to join the server with this kind of owner.
  12. Username: M0DXx (that's with a zero) Age: 14 Why Tekkitopia? : Because I'm looking for a server with a nice, friendly and welcoming community to enjoy my tekkit experience on. I mainly need a teaching community because I know very little about tekkit now. Your secret code: 5M0D
  13. When I try installing optifine, every single time the screen just goes white, I have: Downloaded 1.5.1_HD_U_D1 which someone else said worked completely fine Extracted it into the modpack.jar found in .technic/tekkitmain/bin Tried it with and without META-INF I have google'd the problem and youtube'd some tutorials, nothing provided a fix that help me, so I decided to make a thread about it. Thanks for the help
  14. In game name: M0DXx (that's with a zero) Age: 14 Location: England Are you currently banned from any servers?: Not any tekkit servers, although there was one incident like 3-4 years ago on my first ever server, but I haven't been banned since (as far as I can remember). Minecraft experience to date: Very experienced with vanilla minecraft in general, kinda ok with redstone but I can't make anything amazing. As for tekkit I was very experienced with the old tekkit that had industrial craft and the massively overpowered EE, but I can't even remember the last time I played it, and industrial craft was my strong suit and that seems to have been removed... so I guess I'll be close to a newbie when it comes to tekkit. A short paragraph about yourself and why you would like to play on our server: I want to play on the server because it sounds like fun and I just saw my technic launcher just sitting there and decided to get back into tekkit again. I am a friendly person who can get along with others. I also want to get experienced with tekkit and once I've got a good grasp of stuff I plan to make big machines to do cool and/or useful stuff, with an off switch of course, they'll probably never be turned on if they cause too much lag when on. The server seems to be having some technical difficulties from reading the posts above, but I'll wait for it to fix, hoping it's worth it. Thanks for reading my application!
  15. As I said above, I just needed optifine, just install optifine into tekkit lite.
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