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Railcraft station + Tekkit 3

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Just started a Tekkit 3 server with a close friend and we've both been having an absolute blast. We've got a pretty extensive network of mining tunnels below our homes and would like to establish a rail network that leads through these tunnels. We'd like to do this via some type of rail station that serves as a resource drop off and people transport.

The last time I built a rail station was waaaay back during the early days of beta when you had to make your own booster loops etc. I've only slightly dabbled in the more complicated tracks for railcraft.

Anyone have any links/suggestions on how to setup a railcraft station? Something that can detect people and empty carts would be great.

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Go to the Railcraft wiki and look at: Holding Rails, Boarding rails and Detectors.

I won't hold your hand but I will point you in the right direction.

Thanks. I've read these descriptions, but I'm a visual learner lol. I just wasn't sure if any members had pics of their own station or suggestions on how to get started. I’d like to see what other have put together. I can make a simple boarding station for people, but haven't made something that can handle both resource carts and people.

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