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How do I add EnderIO to the Tekkit modpack?


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I apologise in advance if this is the wrong place for this topic. I've grown tired of Resonant Energy Cells and I want to use the capacitors from EnderIO. I've been running a server with a few mates of mine for a few weeks and our world is pretty advanced but we're at the point where we can't be f***ed to keep turning our reactor on/off when it needs to be, we want to just build a massive EnderIO capacitor thing which'll store tonnes of power and only have to turn it on/off very rarely. So I tried just adding the EnderIO folder and config to the server folder and into my tekkitmain folders but when I searched in the NEI there was no EnderIO there.
Can someone tell me how I can -
1. Add EnderIO to the Tekkit modpack so it works in singleplayer & multiplayer
2. Keep my server & world with EnderIO installed
3. A way for me to explain to my friends how to add EnderIO to their modpacks so that they can keep playing on my server.
Again sorry if this is the wrong place for this topic.

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Just word of advice:
If you are indeed using Tekkit modpack (which is still based on minecraft 1.6.4, unless it got updated recently) then you need a EnderIO version which matches this minecraft version. The newest version is running on minecraft 1.7.10 only.

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