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Item collector (new player help)

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Hello lads !

I'm quite new to tekkit,etc...

and I was wondering if there is a machine/way to collect fallen items.

I have a cacti farm that transports all the cacti with water to 1 spot,

I was wondering if I could collect these items and put them in a chest ? (by a machine)

and not having to go there to collect it myself.


Big thanks and cheers to you all !

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Thx buddy !

I was also wondering : I have a cobblestone generator that puts all the cobbel into a chest, if the chest is full what will happen ?

i was thinking of making an overflow pipe to lave to get rid of the overflow.

Also, in some YT videos I see massive chests, way bigger then a wooden chest, how are they called ?

Thx !

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Iron, Gold, Copper etc... Chests

If its full it will just spit it out, to combat this I believe you use an advanced insertion pipe connected to the chest and another pipe connected to the advanced insertion to whatever you want to do with the overflow.

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transposers (redpower2, http://nemesis.evalq.net/RedPower2/recipes.html) are by far the best way. Also check out her block breakers for your cobblestone generator. Energy condesors (Equiv. Exchange) are really handy, they are a upgraded Alchemical Chest where you put an item of value in the top left, and all items put into the chest will transmute into that item. It will store charge until it has enough to do some (for example, 8,192 cobblestone eventually makes one diamond - so think bigger :D)

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