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  1. i've noticed this as well. If you jump in them, you fall through the world and die.
  2. EE has some fantastic things (alch bags, merc eye, flying ring, condensors) but also has some unbalanced/griefing things (mk3 collectors/relays, catalytic lens/destruction catalyst, ring of arcana, etc,) bugged exploitable items (RM furnace, alchemy chests, black hole band in alchemy bag, transmutation tablets, etc). Overall, its a fantastic mod, but really wasn't designed with SMP in mind. This would of been fine if not for the config being not very flexible to turn off/reduce/partially disable certain items and such. Currently on the server I'm admin on, we've been working with the owner to
  3. Filters are the best for what you want - they dont need power, just a timer, and they have an inventory where you can specific how much they pull each pulse.
  4. I'm also very interested... an Aussie here and rarely play on public servers because of amercian or european ping.
  5. nope. I've actually had my suspicions for some time that they don't entirely work. IndustrialCraft seems to work fine. All power generation, and power transfer and machinery seem to progress fine. Buildcraft Quarries stop. Redpower seems to work all good, but timers seem to go faster when your not physically there. Thats about all i've noticed so far.
  6. transposers (redpower2, http://nemesis.evalq.net/RedPower2/recipes.html) are by far the best way. Also check out her block breakers for your cobblestone generator. Energy condesors (Equiv. Exchange) are really handy, they are a upgraded Alchemical Chest where you put an item of value in the top left, and all items put into the chest will transmute into that item. It will store charge until it has enough to do some (for example, 8,192 cobblestone eventually makes one diamond - so think bigger )
  7. on a side note, Watch of Flowing time (EE mod item) can speed up, slow, or even reverse time. Handy stuff.
  8. time set command should work fine and shouldn't mess anything up unless your changing it to night and want solar power :D
  9. Blaze rods are, if you don't have access to Energy Collectors. And Red Matter Furnaces, which are super bugged.
  10. I consider them different paths. Do you want buildcraft-style auto farmer? or do you want to manually mine with Industrial craft? or if you dislike mining, you can build complex machines with RedPower and EE. It all depends what you like. I do a bit of a mix of IC with EE/Red power personally. Techno-mancy VS Techno-wizardry
  11. should definitely include divining rods and alchemy bag early on the list, first diamonds should go that way, with a philosophers stone as soon as you can get to the nether, and a transmutation tablet as soon as you can get obsidian. Why? Because if you love IC2 you'll need rubber. Lots of rubber. More rubber. And yet more rubber. And unless you have some fancy farm technique, treetapping or cutting it down manually is a pain. EE will allow you to use EMC to make rubber logs or resin which can then be extracted or smelted.
  12. Macerating blaze rods is the most stupid... 5 powder for each grind... its what, 160% efficient?
  13. have had a few textures problem with faithful for 7.0.1... probably best to give Tex Packs a miss till its a recommended release
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