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  1. Remove tekkit cache in the launcher to force it to re download all the files. If that doesn't work, remove any texture packs you have installed.
  2. In the redpower.cfg file. For example mine says: logic { enableSounds=1 minInterval=38 38 was the value I found to be 2 seconds through trial and error
  3. BlockIdsRequiringContainerTrust: - 126 - 128 - 130 - 134 - 137 - 138 - 150 - 155 - 157 - 158 - 161 - 169 - 178 - 181 - 183 - 187 - 188 - 192 - 194 - 207 - 208 - 213 - 216 - 225 - 227 - 233 - 246 - 250 - 253 - 254 - 342 - 7256 - 7276 - 7281 - 7307 A few additionals I have in mine covering EE and misc other things like the carts(although you can leave them out 342 onwards if you wish as it's fairly pointless).
  4. Thanks Sp0nge, no problems setting up CB+ as per your instructions. I'll run it on my test server for awhile to see how stable it is before porting it to my live one.
  5. - -modifyworld.item.use.27526:*.on.block.* The issue people have is that you need to cover the difference 'charge' levels of the stone as it changes the ID. The above works on my server as I restrict the right clicking ability to certain ranks.
  6. This fix works if you are interested rather than blocking it: http://forums.technicpack.net/threads/plugin-alchemistfix-fix-for-alchemist-chest-dupe-bug.17802/#post-133428
  7. No the client doesn't require the mod for this. Basically I gave this solution to you as a very quick and easy fix for your original problem. I have quite a lot of modifications to EE on my server, the EMC value of the blaze rods isn't one of them. Changing one EMC value can have an affect on others as its mostly not a case of item=xxx emc. It's often item = other_item_emc * 2 + another_item_emc and so on. So you need to actually look at the flow on effects of each change. EE is a can of worms. I've spent a lot of time balancing it out for my needs. You might be better off disabling it altogether. Once you fix this people will just move to another trick. So unless you spend a serious amount of time balancing it - it's not really worth fixing just one thing.
  8. Extract TileEntityMacerator.class from the industrialcraft server mod - ic2/common/TileEntityMacerator.class Open the class in your favourite hex editor and do a search/find for hex values "B2009A08B7". When it shows you where it found those hex values, change the 08 to a 05 (so it becomes B2009A05B7) Save the changes and copy the class back into the industrialcraft zip, overwriting the original. If these instructions do not make any sense, don't attempt it as you can easily break it. It's only a one byte patch though so it should be very straight forward. This will change the blaze rod macerator recipe so it gives 2 blaze powders instead of 5, so it no longer gives a free emc gain. Ultimately though you will want to patch a whole lot of things if you are want to balance EE out without removing it.
  9. One thing I will add from my recent experience setting up a dedicated Australian tekkit server is to monitor the data usage. As you would know, data in Australia isn't cheap and I initially found my server to be using quite a bit when it was 24 slots with Australians during the day and Americans during our evening. I would have paid a pretty fortune in excess data charges if I had not picked up on it and restricted access more.
  10. It's to do with Buildcraft pipes. Have the server owner delete your player.dat file and you will be able to join again.
  11. Check your java bin folder then to make sure the java executables are actually in there. Sounds like something is missing. For example, mine is here: C:\Program Files\Java\jre7\bin\ There's no reason it shouldn't work if the path is correct and the java binaries are installed.
  12. What you need to do is set up the PATH as per step 2 onwards: http://forums.technicpack.net/threads/how-to-set-up-a-tekkit-server-step-by-step-guide-win-7-images.2299/
  13. I had a someone on my server do something similar to this with milk. Unfortunately for him, I modified the EMC value of it. Had to think of the poor cow.
  14. Looking at the code, it would function exactly as the author is saying. So long as your Alchemist Chest is item ID 128. Very simple solution On my server I simply banned the placement of the chest instead but this fix would allow people to use it. I wont be able to test until tonight.
  15. Heya jman, you still around?