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  1. Woops, wrong link


  2. Hey dued, was wondering if you could judge/approve/disapprove my server thread?

    Thanksies. http://forums.technicpack.net/threads/343ns-tekkit-3-1-2.20358/

  3. Hey dued, was wondering if you could judge/approve/disapprove my server thread?


  4. oh god why are you using COMIC SANS jesus christ this isn't MCF
  5. Can You whitelist Me and the others that are waiting

  6. wow great quality video, no bad quality, and a good voice yes yes guys watch him
  7. robidaan is stealing stuff on your server (nativehunter found he had stolen his quarries and other large items) and doing minor greifing like removing all torches from areas (he did this 3 times at my house). can you ban him?

  8. Since Alchemical chests have a dupe bug, I want to block them, but not block condensers. Now the problem is, in essentials when I block block placement for alchemical chests, it works as intended, but also blocks condensers. Reason I'm not blocking crafting is because you need it for condensers and alchemical bags, which I don't want to block. Here is my essentials config thing. # Which blocks should people be prevented from placing placement: 10,11,46,128 # Which items should people be prevented from using usage: 128 AND ALSO TRIED: # Which blocks should
  9. Hey dood, can you please review my server thread?

    Thanks. http://forums.technicpack.net/threads/343ns-tekkit-3-1-2.20358/

    1. Torezu


      I really wouldn't do this in the future. Server post moderation is one of those things we get to when we get to it. Got it? :) Also, Merchant's not a dude.

    2. 343N


      uhm uh okay I guess? sorry merchant ma'am sorry! sorry with all my blessings and hearts <3 okay I'll stop the 14 y/o teenage girl act now.

  10. I'd do one, I can edit, record 720p videos. I have good actual QUALITY videos on my channel. Yes I'm 13 whatever generalize all you want I don't care besides I probably wont even accept because I have never used my voice in a youtube video beforeohgofd
  11. This is currently good, quality wise and footage wise, nice intro that isn't disturbingly annoying, quality is nice and no black bars! the only improvement I can think of is making your voices more interesting, more like you're in the mood other than that, it's great
  12. Okay, first things first. Here's a bad thing you are doing which you should avoid in ALL your episodes. You are recording your entire desktop and downsizing it to about 640x480. This is EXTREMELY BAD quality wise, people want GOOD QUALITY VIDEOS!!! If it's bad quality they simply will not watch and god forbid unsubscribe. Also the framerate is abit small, and people don't really like looking at a render distance of Tiny So, main thing, your quality is very, very bad. What you're doing is like, getting a huge image, making it really small so that theres black bars surrounding your footage.
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