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How to change Player Name for Offline mode?

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My users and I are frequently unable to log in due to Minecraft authentication servers being offline or overloaded. It is especially a problem during peak times, which is when my players are also trying to log in. We all own retail copies of the game, so it is very frustrating that we cannot log in normally due to Mojang's poor servers.

I have enabled offline mode for the server so that my players don't have to suffer. However, when I log in, my name is "Player" instead of my account name, and obviously I don't have my account's inventory or settings.

Please tell me, how can my players log in under their normal user names when running Offline mode? This is an invite-only server, so I am not worried about passwording accounts, but it would be nice to have. My users are not comfortable with modding, so the simpler, the better.

I recognize the controversial nature of this request because the information could be used to enable people using cracked clients, but there must be thousands of other users who are in exactly the same situation this summer. Please don't punish all of the retail customers who are being screwed by Mojang's poor servers. Any help at all would be much appreciated. Thank you :)

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If any fellow server admins have found a solid solution to this problem but you fear retaliation from making the information public, please consider sending me a PM instead. This has been a huge problem this summer, especially for folks who come home at 5:30 and just want to play but can't log in, so I know I'm not alone.

Based on my research, I'm not convinced that a cracked client is required. I've read that you can simply specify the username that you wish to use on the command line when you run Minecraft.jar, but that is too complicated for my users. So it can be done, but can it be done better?

There are a few Bukkit plugins that might meet my needs, such as RoyalAuth and XAuth. Does anybody have experience using these? I want player who has a legitimate account, such as "UserX", to be able to assume that exact identify if he logs on with Offline mode. If this can be accomplished via a command, that would be fine.

I'm not here to debate the philosophy of screwing over your paying customers with DRM. I'm just looking for any help I can get so that my users can be happy and enjoy the game they paid for. Thanks in advance for any help I can get :)

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