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Hello, my name is vDraxx.

Today I will show you the best seed on Tekkit (I think it only works on Tekkit, not on other modpacks).

Seed: -304941192843830851

Longest cave mine in Tekkit (probably even in Minecraft!):

X: 324

Y: 69

Z: 231


I will show you 3 ravines. 2 normal ravines and 1 small ravine.

Small ravine:

X: 324

Y: 64

Z: 291

Normal ravine 1:

X: 313

Y: 63

Z: 297

Normal ravine 2:

X: 213

Y: 64

Z: 275


These are the only ones I know from my 3 in-game days of Tekkit. Reply if you found anymore.


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