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Minecraft Forge Mod

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So i put Tekkit on my LocalHost server. I've used tekkit for a long time. I got the launcher for the SMP thing and it works fine, but when it try and connect to my server it says "This server requires Minecraft Forge Mod". This is dumb because whoever made the Launcher didnt make it have the same mods at the server itself...

Please fix this

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How about first you click the "Technic" button in the upper left on the launcher, right, and select Tekkit instead. Now try to connect to whatever server you were trying. You can not play Tekkit on a Technic client.

You got it?

Technic = Single Player

Tekkit = Multiplayer

They are completely separate.

Busting in and saying we should fix things when it is you making the mistake doesn't make you look very good, nor does it make the people that you want to help you very happy. These are free life lessons here kiddo!

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Then nuke your tekkit folder and try again.

Forge is installed, and for the majority of the people Tekkit works just fine, or do you think out of the thousands of people you are the only one to notice?


Just so you are aware, this is exactly the error you get when trying to connect to a Tekkit server using Technic. I'd check one more time.

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