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Advanced Machines Problem

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we have an interesting problem with the advanced machines from the IC2 addon. Whenever we attach a rotary macerator, sigularity compressor or a centrifuge extractor, they draw 512 EU/t power without doing anything.

Is there a bug known? Server runs on tekkit 3.03 as far as I know with forestry added.

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I think Krid hinted at the issue.

Advanced machines can only take MV voltage by default, unless they support transformer upgrades (for example the rotary macerater). So, if you connect them directly to a MFSU without transformer upgrades, they should blow up, as soon as you give them input items.

If they are not blowing up, then possibly explosions are disabled in the area. Does the server have any protection mods, that would stop explosions in particular areas?

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im having the same problem it seems that the advanced machines are drawing power without updating there internal battery.

it can be solved by charging the machines internal batterys with a RE-batterys then once full conecting to power.

however this dose not apear to work with rotary macerator

hope this helps.


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I have had similar problems in the past, The advanced machines are slightly messed up, if you give then anything other than LV power (maybe MV, never tried it) they don't explode (they should, it's a bug), but they also don't do anything but suck power. Transform the power to LV or use transformer upgrade to fix the issue.

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