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difference between tekkit and technicpack

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I thought the only difference between tekkit and technicpack was that tekkit was multiplayer and technic pack was single player.But i cant find things duncan used in his video series. Am i just blind and cant find stuff or is there a big difference betwwen the 2? Thanks

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Well i noticed in technic when using an axe you only have to cut down one tree block and then the rest of the block are destoyed. are there any mods that are missing from one or the other.

For one, Thamcraft is SSP-only. Also, Technic uses Transformers while Tekkit uses Converters.

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Treecapitator is in Technic, and Choptree is in Tekkit (or at least it used to be). There's another difference.

Tekkit doesn't include any plugins any more, but it's very easy to add and configure ChopTree 2, even if you're not using a permissions plugin.

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