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Tekkit 1.2.9e game breaking bug


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Link to video

Okay so if you don't want to watch the video I will explain, basically I created a world with two pages. One of them being Pink Slime.name Block and the other being Ocean Biome, in that order. After doing so and visiting the world you will notice the pink slime liquid turns to slime, this causes the game to lag and freeze up. If on a server you get an error that basically tells you you don't have enough PC power to render it. Thanks for watching and please don't create the world like that, I found it was okay to use the pink slime page on its own as it makes small pools.

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This is not a bug and is known for years now. There are various blacklist settings which can be utilized to avoid this situation.

​Thanks for replying, is there a page or website which explains this so I can avoid further confusion. Thanks again.

I had some lakes of Pink slime but peaceful difficulty solved it

​Yeah that would work, but I didn't own the server so I couldn't do much.

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