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Tekkit, dead or alive?


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If i could get a modlist for Tekkit 1.7 i would actually create it myself, ive created other modpacks but i mainly hijack peoples modpack so in other words i download their modpack and change the mods to what i want and ive done a few for tekkit kinds but not entirely sure what mods to download and use, if it is coming after the Hexxit whens that updating? anyone know and what is hexxit? i want a 1.7 modpack with all the good stuff and doesnt crash.

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Open the launcher and download tekkit for 1.6.4, go to the mods directory and check all those mods then find all 1.7 versions.

Pro tip: not all mods are updated to 1.7.10 and some are in a state of... decay.

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