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Made a (in my opinion) big corporation may turn into server

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Me and my friend have made some cool stuff, I have made a massive skyscraper, a nuclear coolant tower and I'm halfway through making a luxury hotel and a big chimney :)

My friend has made an airport and some other stuff I haven't been looking but his airport is cool.

Anyway all this stuff seems all right and we want to make it public so if there's enough interest we'll make it public, my PC can probably hold up to 10 people max and may be a bit laggy at night in fact it can be quite laggy then so be warned!

I'll post some pictures of it if you want and if your interested in a very small survival server then post a reply ;)

We just want to have fun but we'd love to see what other people can do, you can probably top our stuff XD

If there is enough interest I'll post it on the whitelist server section with the details.

Thanks for reading and have a nice day :)

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oh that doesn't seem to work for me, does anyway have a good image uploader that I can use that doesn't require you to register?

Edit:Never mind I'm deciding to use photobucket I'm uploading them now but it's taking a while, I might have it later tonight if not tomorrow after school.

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Ok here it is


My quarry's and fuel tower in the distance


My coolant tower and fuel tower. My house is in the right.


My head quarters, all the stuff happens here, everything else (apart from my house) is made here it has a smelting room, a room were all my stuff from the quarry is macerated and smelted, a power room where I can control everything by turning it on or off, a room underground with three reactors and my personal room. On the top of course :)


and finally my half finished luxury hotel, I'm planning on making it thirteen floors high and that room at the side is a working red power elevator. The wall at the sides is my perimeter wall which surround my whole operation, don't worry though there will be plenty of space for you to build but you'll never take down El's Corporation XD

Thank you for reading I hope you liked that, it's not finished yet and there's a lot more buildings I want to add and I haven't shown you my friends stuff but you can find that out if you want to come on.

There is only one problem...I'm really sorry about this but I'm going on holiday and the servers doesn't have the plugins fully set up and tested. I'm going to Greece to see my Dad (I'm half Greek half English) for six weeks but when I get back I'll have some time to set it up.

So hopefully I'll have it ready by the end of August if you want me too.

But I still need to know if you want me to set this up.

We have ten spaces and I may add more we'll find out how much my internet can take. We're supposed to get a new provider so I may be able to add even more people then.

Again thank you for reading and please tell me what you think. I'm Mark by the way and my friend is Aiden :)

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Thanks :)

Hopefully worldguard will stop that but I will anyway.Are you looking to join sorry for being pushy but I've wanted a public server for ages now :)

In fact tell you what, if you want I can give you the tour of the server. I can add you on the whitelist and show you around if you want :)

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