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LifeMUD TPPI server - Please do not ignore.

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LifeMUD Game server now runs TPPI!

Tired of being spoon-fed items or currency, think that teleportation is over used? Thought so!

Join LifeMUd game server where we are working on a project using TPPI where we are stripping away game ruining mechanics and creating a user generated world. The concept being that the players can take control over regions of land and establish trade routes etc. We have Towny and other plugins make this possible. In time mayors will have the opportunity to have their town elected as a possible start town for new players (At that time new players will spawn in a start selection area). Role-playing players are welcome although this is not a role play server we accommodate for role players.

The Dev/Admin team is formed of a mature group of like-minded, passionate minecrafters.


We are spicing up the server with customized plugins as well as completely LifeMUD exclusive plugins. We also have a great website with voting options for a few extra credits, a dynamic map and instructions for our voice services.

Can you handle it?


Website: http://www.lifemud.com

Server address: lifemud.com

Running on dedicated hardware with 99.99% up time


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