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Tekkit Classic - Shaders Tutorial

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Hey there guys!

So, I've been looking around for quite some time, trying to figure out how to install shaders on Tekkit Classic, and I really couldn't find any proper tutorials. I've finally succeeded yesterday, and decided to make a quick tutorial on how it works. So, without further ado, I show you, a proper tutorial on how to install SEUS on Tekkit Classic! As simplistic as it gets! (You'll also get TreeCapitator, because why not).


I hope this helped! Have fun with your shaders!

For the curious among us, the font of the logo and text on thumbnail is Guardian.


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I was almost happy someone finally figured out how to do it with the newer versions of the TechnicLauncher, because I missed having shaders.

And then I played it

And it's farting a hundred thousand of these

[B#301]  ########## GL ERROR ##########
[B#301]  @ Post render
[B#301]  1282: Invalid operation

It kinda looks awkward when the trees wave and that's about it. No lovely chubly colors :c

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