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Let's Get Something Straight, People

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Any given

Let's Play

is defined as a video or picture series documenting the adventures of one or more persons within a video game.

If your quote, unquote 'Let's Play' will never go on Youtube, or have events documented on these forums or elsewhere,

you can jog on and just make a damn Whitelisted Server Thread (rules compliant, too)

Threads which falsely advertise themselves to be Let's Plays, should actually be deleted under the rules stated,

but aren't, due to 87% of Let's Plays sucking hard, and no Moderators really care to look around here.

I don't blame them.

This is a Moogle Service Announcement. You all suck. Make me want to join your LP, for crying out loud.

Before I bugger off and make my own.

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I pretty much stop by this section every few days to click the "Mark All Read" button and move on. It would be nice if there were more picture-based LPs, since videos are kind of a pain to watch, as most of them are...well, Moogle said it well.

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