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Scaffolding Mod? Building assitant


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I was wondering whether there's a mod out there that lets you build a scaffolding frame.

Allowing players within the frame the ability to fly.

I think it would be pretty useful for people like myself that want to play tekkit on survival mode without enabling flying.

So allowing people to build a defined area that flying is allowed.

Should add more of a construction feel to the building process

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There already is scaffolding. However, they act like ladders (so you don't fly really) and they have to start on a solid ground block and can only extend two blocks horizontally from the main vertical shaft.

Recipe is:

3 planks across the top row,

1 stick in the middle of the middle row,

1 stick each in the bottom left and bottom right corners.

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Cheers for that.

Just read that scaffold is from IC2.

Maybe that could be combine with gold dust or something of high value to create defined flying area.

Might post on IC forums.

Anybody know if it's possible in minecraft to define certain flying areas?

This seems like it should be in the SMP forum.

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