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[1.5.2]Hexxit.Org[PVP][Factions][Economy][60 Slots][MCMMO][Grief]


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Hexxit.org The Best Hexxit Experience!

IP: Play.Hexxit.Org
Who Are We?

Good question! We are a group of individuals who have been hosting Minecraft Servers for quite a while now. We have an experienced staff who have all had a hand in running our previous very successful server group called Five Kingdoms. We've decided to press on to more updated bases, and thus, Hexxit is born!

We are undoubtedly the fastest and most original and in-depth Hexxit server around. Why play with us over all of the other Hexxit servers you see available? Well, we are glad you asked!

99.9% Uptime GUARANTEED Lagless Fun No Surprise Resets Seasoned and Friendly Adult Staff Unique Gameplay Experience Custom Plugins Hexxit Teamspeak Server Not Pay To Win Challenging and Fun Epic Hardware Contests and Games Less Banned/Restricted Items Less Removed Mods

Whether you want to dominate the market, wreck your friends, or have an adventure, our server is DEFINITELY for you! If you want to play Hexxit the way it was intended, why not come by the original Hexxit.org server and see what all the noise is about!


        No Hacking, Using Modded Clients, Etc.
        No Griefing or Claiming Worldguard Regions
        No Griefing or Raiding Your Own Faction
        No Racism, Sexism, Homophobia, or Bigotry Acts
        No Spamming or Excessive Caps
        No asking for Items/Op
        No Advertising
        Turn off Mob Spawners when not in use
        No Combat Logging

Banned Items:

Enderbow - Crashes Server"
        Capsule Stations - Duplicating
        Emperor's Chalice - Duplicating
        Bane of Pigs - Bypasses Protection
        Carmanite Reactor - Bypasses Protection
        Buster Bullet - Bypasses Protection
        Buster Mag - Bypasses Protection"
        Storm Bullet - Bypasses Protection
        Storm Mag - Bypasses Protection
        Ender Pack (3D) - Bypasses Protection
        Essence Extractor - Duplicating
        Crafting Station (Not Table) - Duplicating
        Revolver - Bypasses Protection
        Storage Crate - Duplicating
        Destruction Catalyst - Bypasses Protection
        Bags - Duplicating
        Meteor Spawners - Bypasses Protection
        Frost Bow - Bypasses Protection

24/7 Uptime




Custom Plugins




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Adding rule things
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This is an awesome server! They haven't started doing events yet unfortunately, but I believe that will be happening pretty soon. I can't wait for the pvp and pve ones, that's probably where I excel at the most.

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Yeah the events will be amazing! from what i understand there will be multiple sorts of pvp events :) we'll have tournaments, Pvp with keep inventory, pvp without keep inventory and a lot of other events! you'll have to wait for them to be finished but we hope to have them finished this week!  

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Thats nothing, I had to fight a red, sticky, invisible, webber, rust, ninja, explosions(and a few other things) shelob with stone weapons once. It did not end well. I never did get the spider hook from that thing. I might go back one of these days and try to fight it again, see how much better I've gotten.

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If you are looking for a friendly server were you can loot and raid other factions in faction wars look no further! In our hexxit server you have many different factions to join and if you want to try to form your own army you can also create your own faction. If you have any questions or issues the staff can always be found right around the corner either helping players on the server or talking with them on team speak! How amazing is that?! I had an issue with creating a faction so i got on the team speak server and the staff team were so polite to me while i tried to under stand. they were so patient and nice about it and i finally got a hang of it. ^^


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Penguins are cool, but chickens are better. Chickens provide good food, eggs, and feathers, while the only good thing a penguin can give are some stupid feathers.

​But Chickens are so hard to find xD I'm workin on a chicken shard but it's taking ages hahaha

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this server is amazing :D the cows are huggable, the pigs are huggable, the creepers are huggable, the staff is huggable :D and most of all ...the ops are super huggable as well :DD

The creepers are only huggable until you find an infernal vengeance one, hahaha

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