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SphaxBDCraft Texture Pack Error- Texture is not showing on some items.


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Okay, so here it is, I am using the highest top of the line computer you can buy, with 1.50TB hard drive and the highest premium graphics with the greatest FPS rating out there, and my texture pack happens to be used in x256 (HD) and it works great no lag or anyhting, no sticky screen, or sudden stops, but there is one very annoying issue, as I go mining I notice most of the items and ores and blocks are textured, besides a few.. Copper, Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire, Tin, Silver, Tungsten, and some weapons, and also the villagers, and a few plants, ARE NOT textured like they should be, I do not know what the issue is, and Yes I play in the Technic Launcher, I would really like it if someone could possibly walk me through the simplest issue, because I know it can be fixed and it isn't my computer I've already made sure my computer is brand new, not a single issue, so the issue has to be the texture pack not texturizing all the minerals and items. Please respond back and hopefully someone can help me with this simple issue.

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Download the Sphax Add on located in these forums. The problem is your version is for vanilla minecraft and doesn't include textures for that of Tekkit.

So make sure you have downloaded the OFFICIAL sphax texture pack from bdcraft.net, and the mod support found both there and on these forums.

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