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Some of my friends have set up a private Tekkit server that we have been enjoying for the last couple of days. They are pretty new to these mods so I have been guiding them through. Not to be outdone of course, and not being very sporting I decided to play as if I was on Feed the Beast:

I first built a little cabin near some rubber trees, just a place for a crafting table and bed; then proceeded to dig directly to around level 9. The bulk of the mining was done with a destruction catalyst but I upgraded as I went along:





Using the materials I gathered I was able to set up a basic crafting room and some IC2 machines. They are upgraded to run on HV power with some overclockers. The nuclear reactor is ice cooled via condenser. All the Mass Fabricators are fed scrap from a auto recycling system:





Using the EMC I was able to generate from macerating all my ore and then stack of blazerods I was able to build a mk3 Collector flower and a secondary mass auto blazerod Macerator. It will produce 12 Redmatter worth of blazerods in about 5min before it clogs up. Unfortunately I can't run the Mass Fabricators and blazerod Macerators at the same time. I need some more MFSUs and nuclear chambers:




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So I've been playing more Tekkit. I felt that my old base had outlived it's usefulness and designed to upgrade it. First I found a nice oil deposit then built a shell for a tower. I used the Mercurial Eye to decorate:




There are 5 rooms for now (it can easily be expanded downward). Each one is equipped with a Buildcraft water and fuel pipe, EU from a nuclear generator, Blutricity from a solar array on the roof, a Pneumatic Tube system, a Redpower fluid pipe, a Golden Conductive pipe, and Ribbon Cable with IO expander connected to the Redpower computer control on the top floor. If this where Technic+ I would need several more for Vis/Taint/Foresty Fluids/Logistics/etc. It's not entirely done, and I still don't know what to put in the rooms but I'm sure I'll figure something out :v:













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So I figured out what to put in a few of my towers rooms and gave it a bit of an upgrade. I still have two more floors to fill and I can add more underground if it fancies me:


Top Floor

Basic crafting room with all the amenities. All the IC2 machines run on HV power from the nuclear reactor. The computer control runs to every floor, I have yet to set it up but it's just a matter of replacing some levers with colored cable and writing a few programs.




Lacking Logistic Pipes I had to try and jerry rig something with Pneumatic Tubes. The bottom chest connected to the filter will dump items to the storage facility on the bottom floor. The top chest connected to the retriever will pull whatever items you specify out of storage with the pull of the lever. I ran the Blutricity next to the tubes for this reason.



Second Floor

A bank of 12 Recyclers with 9 Overclocker upgrades running on HV. Surprisingly low power usage, I usually keep it running constantly. It feeds scrap into the floor below, and when that is full the bottom floor storage.


Third Floor

A bank of 18 Mass Fabricators. They are autofed scrap and run off of 3 MFSUs connected to the nuclear generator. The UU-Matter is automatically removed and sent to the bottom floor storage.


Fourth Floor

Power room. The Nuclear Generator powers all the MFSUs on each floor. It takes about 15min to fill them to capacity if nothing is running. I built the tower on a natural oil well which I'll get around to taping and refining eventually.



Bottem Floor

Built at bedrock, 1 layer of iron blocks and 5 layers of reenforced stone surround it (and about 50 blocks of natural stone and misc caves above). It is meant to survive if the reactor fails or there is a nuclear attack. 140 Alchemical Chests connected to the tube network on each floor. I'll likely put in some Ender Chests later for remote item dumping like from a quarry or something.


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Dude, that's extremely awesome! You seem to have most of the aspects of the pack united in all of this, and this is quite a feat. Btw, for the nuke-proof bedrock chamber, you could replace the iron blocks with DM blocks, RM blocks or end stone, as they have better explosion resistance. Other than that, that's very awesome! The decoration is also very creative and funky. I like that.

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can't get uglier than this, seriously. your sense of decoration is really bad. IMHO ;)

why the bottom chamber? why not switch out all those chests for one condensor condensing stuff into RM furnaces for maximum EMC storage on minimum space? thats what i did.

after i had a few stacks of them i got bored and made a server without EE and a little bit of a challenge.

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That looks lots of fun! My boyfriend and I are not using EE MKs to generate ECs. We have been making Red Matter with Void Bands and Alchemy Bags. It's fairly fast, especially since we use MCMMO and have double drops.

Our house is more homely. We're starting on our Machine shop, which will house the bulk of our IC stuff. Since we're not using any EE machines (except the Red Matter Furnace) we are going to be using IC2 stuff to create material. This will still give us incentives to leave our house rather than just pull a lever and make stuff appear out of nowhere; which is what happened in our last world.

My current project is a Water Temple style building based on LoZ which will house our supplies. Diamonds are a bit scarce at the moment so we haven't upgraded to crystal chests, but we will once I get that built.

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I took your advice and Mag Tubed my system. It's great now, it runs as fast as logistics pipes! I also took the opportunity to add a Enderchest system. Now anything I put into a White/White/White ender chest or bag will be pumped directly into storage.






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