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question about Oil and about Nuclear power [transporting]


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Hello all.

Simple couple of questions.

At the moment i have 3 very large quarries dug surrounding my factory/nuclear power stn.

For the three quarries i direct connected the NpowerStn to an Energy Link sitting next to the quarry machine. it works perfectly, except now i want to do it further away from the power station but for some reason the quarry wont turn on now. im using 4xins HVcable between the NpowerStn and the Energy Link. (the MFSU in the Factory is half half full (due to me moving it a few squares half hour ago but it was allways full)

Is Npower distance dependant? If so, how can i overcome distance to power my quarry etc?

Second question.

I found an Oil Deposit (closest one) in what seems like miles away, I have the pump set up in a cheap way, Pump and 4x redstone engines each side. I set it up and it started pumping along the pipes to my factory and filled my two tanks half way then it stopped, i places a torch on the wall next to the tanks to mark how full it was. however as it stopped filling i figured the oil deposit had been exhausted. about a week later (game time) i decided to go and have a look at the depleted well only to find Oil being pumped through the pipes. i dug up all my tunnels checking along the pipes for breaks and there were no breaks. Does a depleted oil deposit come back over time? is the 4x redstone engines good enough to pump that distance? Any ideas why a week went by with no oil going to my tanks?

Thanks in advance for any help/advice you give.

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IC2 wires will lose EU over distance, depending on the type of cable. HV4x cable will lose 1 EU per block traveled. Usually it's not tha big a deal, since it should only be used for HV applications. Try putting an HV transformer at either end of your wire, and using glass fiber cable instead. It has a much longer range with lower power loss.

Your pump sounds like it's far enough away that the chunk is being unloaded. Use a Teleport Tether or World Anchor. If you have a long pipline, you'll have to place a few of them, enough to keep each chunk that the pipes pass through loaded. Or just put one at your base and one at your pump and use teleport pipes.

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If it's coming out of an MFSU then an HV cable would push it up to 2048 and blow the glass fibre cable.

Either use HV transformers at each end with the cable you have to convert up to 2048 EU on the cable (you'll probably want to use MV and LV at the energy link end to to bring it all the way back down to 32 EU so the energy link doesn't drain the MFSU


replace all your cable with glass fibre, again you'll want to make sure it's LV by the time you push it into the energy link

Your second question was probably simply that the game unloaded the chunk because no one was there. Drop a world anchor there so the chunk stays loaded when no one is there

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thanks both, i used glass cable great fixing the problem, i looked into using telporting tubes and tethers and they are cool you can even get electric energy telepipes.. il use them soon im sure.

thanks again, speedy and perfect advise .

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