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Block control

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So, I need some help with block control.

As we all know, the EE2 plugin has some errors in it allowing players to abuse it and get items illegal way. (duplication)

There are only couple of items that can do that, and for now my idea for server is to remain with as minimal items banned as possible

So, what i'm looking for is a way to make alchemical chest possible to be placed and unaviable to be destroyed, or making so that only specific rank player can destroy it.

And same goes for rm furnace placing and transmutation table placing

Best way to fix it would be to make let's say "trusted" rank aviable to place/destroy those blocks

And so far I was not able to achieve it with my permissions plugin, so any help would be great.

Mod merge

never mind, already found what I've been looking for

If someone else has such problem, my solution was NoItem plugin

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