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Teleport Pipes crash client

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Jumping/falling seems to be fine, it's just flying, with either creative mode or a SWRG (EE flying ring).

Hes talking about teleport PIPES.

And yeah, I've been getting this problem as well. Before this, they wouldn't even work after you moved X amount of blocks away. It has also been posted under the bug forum many number of times. No fix. The only thing I like to do is build and a lot of it hinges on teleport pipes. I've given up and gone to vanilla until they decide to fix it.

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Okay, it looks like that error is caused by a block or item ID mismatch between client and server. If it's happening to everyone, I'd suggest reinstalling the server software. You'll want to make sure you back up the world, any configs you really want to keep, and the directory with the alchemy bag, tablet, and Mercurial Eye info if you're using EE.

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I found out that if you have your SWRG (the flying ring from EE) in your hotbar or perhaps some other EE items there (not tested with all of them), the client crash when you right click a teleport pipe, solution, just make sure you don't have it in your hotbar and that you're not flying and everything works #1, I also noticed that most of the time, it doesn't say the number of connected pipes but it works anyway even if they say 0 connected pipes if they are on the correct frequency, they work, and I got 2 set separated by around 4000 blocks and they work without any kind of chunk loaders, if both ends have been loaded of course, they work. Using Server 3.1.2 here.

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