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Own Modpack Windows crash


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I made a custom modpack for me and my friends to play with on our own server. The pack is hidden, but here's the link: http://api.technicpack.net/modpack/kaseanglers

I make this pack on an iMac. And I think that's the problem. My friends who play on Macs, too, can use the pack just fine, everything runs perfectly, but my friends on windows mostly get crashes on startup. Sometimes it loads for them but that's pretty rare. The crash-report they get is in the attachements. They get the crash when intialising (LiteLoader tells that)

I hope someone knows what's going wrong :(

Some additional information:

I'm using an iMac (mid 2011) on OS version 10.10.3
I use copy.com to upload the modpack.zip


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