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Destruction Catalyst no effect

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Huh? The wiki makes no mention of needing a Klein Star or a relay, and various Yogcast videos I've watched on Tekkit didn't mention either of those two...

Grrr, OK, so I've read the comments on the wiki now, it seems LOTS of people have this problem and apparently any fuel source will do.

By far the most frustrating part of Tekkit is the lack of good documentation. Great game, but I'm having to spent a huge amount of time reading various wikis, forums and watching videos just to figure out how to make things go.

Will update the Tekkit wiki now.

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EquivalencyExchange2 has all kinds of documentation on how it's items work. Very thorough, and for the mostpart, up-to-date. The only thing that is unique in Tekkit is the Launcher and code tweaks to bring everything together. Tekkit is a mere collection of other mods. If you have specific item questions, you're better served going to the source.

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