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Uselessgamers Atobt server recruitment! JOIN US AND BE AMAZING!

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Hi my name is Jhonny, age 30
I am a university student mastering in arts. I am an above average builder who logs 6 to 8 minecraft hours a week.

I have been featured in youtube videos, example below. I have also been a dungeon master and avid wrestling fan for the past 6 years.

I am to old for drama and im looking to build a small community, so i am hoping to find 1 amazing person to add to my community.
I have been running an atobt server for the past year and few months and so much has happened and i have met so many great people. sadly one of our members had to leave by his own choice so we are opening up the white-list again for new people to join us in the attack of the b-team Uselesgamers server!

we are hoping you will join us for a new season and a new spawn villlage. while our other youtube members would prefer you be a youtuber it is not necessary, but i would LOVE to see another great builder on the server and feel a good builder who logs good hours will help keep the servers momentum. i do how ever ask for mature older members only. we find that children do not understand the social dynamics of the server and burn out fast often causing problems. often all it takes is one grifer to ruin your desire to play, so the server is monitored and is backed up every night. greifers will get auto-banned instantly without warning or apology.

give me a shout, we might be able to make amazing magic together.
looking for your age:?
hours logged?
are you a youtuber or builder?

please enjoy one of my favorite little adventures:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LwYim5GZ_ok
the following took place in my witches grove underground.

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Hello Senor My Name is Doge im 13 year old boy i sound like a 5 year old mainly because my balls have sucked into my body so i have the highest pitch voice ever for a 13 year old i am builder i build nice things mainly because i have so many ideas it make up for my annoying voice and personality i have had minecraft since alpha and i had aotbt for a while though i am young but i know my technology. i have skills in aotbti I dont know witchery but i know every other mod. I set my goal on one thing and accomplish like getting wood pretty munch im a minon i will do all your needs i can become a farmer a miner pretty munch anything i know how to set a mass storage system  pretty munch i mastered aotbt. Pretty munch i can build anything like a witches hut to a machine room. im a fast learner i can learn anything if you want i can learn witchery. I can set my self on many goals

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