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NEED HELP!!!!!!!!


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Hi! I need help with my technic launcher. Everytime I start up the 1.7.10 mod pack it loads up but then I get that not responding notification and I can't even get to the start screen. I have the newest update of java 64bit and the newest update of windows 8. I have the link to the mod pack down below so any help would be very appreciated. Thank you.



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That the game isn't responsive is mostly normal.
I think that modpack is a "everything-but-the-kitchen-sink-because-we-can-use-that-to-carry-more-to-throw-in" pack. So, it takes quite a while for it all to play nice together.

Give it a good while. Depending on your system, it could take up to five minutes (maybe? Possibly? I don't know.). Leave it in the background, and make yourself a sandwich. Not a crappy fast one! No, a proper one. Maybe a double-layer? Nice glass of milk. Sit down. Enjoy your meal.

If it hasn't started loading by the time you're back from your delicious sandwich, it's time to get worried.

Man, now I want a sandwich.

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