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Loads of power - no output!


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Hi all,

I'm 90% there on understanding Tekkit, finally! I have a question regards to power. I now have a lot of power coming in, its all sitting in a batbox (I realise I can ungrade this), full all of the time. However, its not going fast enough around all of my machines to utilitize it. For example, I have the following set up:

Main power source > Batbox > Macerator > Extractor > Induction Furnace > Rotary Macerator > Quarry. By the time it gets to the quarry, its struggling for power, even though the first batbox i full.

Now I noticed that if I unplug the Induction Furnace, and put a batbox down, there is loads of power again for example.

They are all hooked up using Gold Wires, the power coming in is on Fibre.

Any advice on how I can get the power around the machines better? I had to take out upgrades just to keep them all going :(

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In summery. Your doing it all wrong.

First of all, a batbox can only put out a max of 32 EU a tick. All those machines combines will require more then 32/t. You'll need an MFE (into a LV transformer)

Secondly you're using the wrong cables. Gold have much higher losses then copper. About 1/3 blocks instead of 1/5. So those packets of 32 are almost certainly being reduced.

Thirdly distance applys here. If your quarry is far away then your going to be losing most of the energy. If it is so far all energy would be lost it sends none. (with gold cable thats not a very large distance)

Fourthly, if your using an energy link, make sure it is directly touching the quarry and not a wooden pipe. Else it wastes a ton of energy

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Perfect thanks!

I have a quarry, but its using Glass Fibre with Batboxes to keep the power going. I assume thats ok, will the quarry really require more power than the output of the batbox?

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