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Mod Is Not Working. Crashing Maybe?

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I recently learned that my friend was playing a mod (Hack / Mine) I played around a bit on his pc and it was great. So I go to my trusty Technic Launcher, and low and behold Hack / Mine is right there. I download it and click play. It loads for a bit, then... boom. A white screen pops up then... nothing. It goes back to the launcher. I was browsing the forums just now and realized that other people are having the same problem, so I know its not just my pc. Please help out if you have any info. Also I have seen people say to post my problem to something called "Tracker" which I have no idea what that is... if someone has info please respond. I really don't want to have to maunally install it onto minecraft because the entire process confuses me...



    -Matt B. (OrangeEnderMatt)

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