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Give Me Ideas, I Want to Make a Cool Factory!

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Gonna make this quick, gotta run soon :P

I play on a small server w/ some friends, and I want to make a cool factory. Most things I want to copy from youtube, etc use EE. We disabled EE, but nothing else. So just give me some ideas, and maybe some hints on how to make it (I'm not the best w/ tekkit). It can be as inefficient as you want, I have creative/OP on the server. However I do want the raw materials to be mostly legitimate, as I do want to sell some of the things the factory makes. Machines in the factory, etc, can be spawned in, though, and if you use combustion engines in the idea, I can WorldEdit very large "vats" of fuel, lava, water, etc.


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You could make a wool farm relatively easy and cheap with RedPower 2 for example. After that, use the wool to make pixel art or something. Be creative. -->

Or make a tree farm, RP2 style. -->

Ofcourse, your factory can't miss a good elevator -->

How about a industrial diamond factory? Sounds good? -->

(As you can see, I did strike-through industrial... The old method gives you now normal diamonds!)

That should get you started with some ideas. Have fun.

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I was gonna say that!

Anyway, you can maybe try a factory producing and selling IC2 armor and tools. And yes, I am talking about making and selling Quantumsuit.

Will probably go w/ this, making the price sky-high to balance out the fact that the scrap I produce most likely won't be legitimate. Unless you can suggest a way to get massive amounts of scrap w/o carving out lots of land for dirt/cobble? (I know there's one that uses lots and lots of snowballs, any insight?)

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