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Linux CentOS not working.

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@Greedseed, I can boot the server fine with no mods or plugins, its the mods and plugins that are creating the conflicts.

@ronneke1996, Thanks for letting me know about pastebin, first time on these fourms, and your tutorial doesn't help sorry, as I already know how to do everything that the tutorial is saying, its all set up fine, just the mods and plugins are causing conflicts with each other, and this I do not know why.

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That will be centos

look i am hosting a deluxe server on centos i know what i talk about.

Half of the mods ya dont need are suck on smp. All the good ones do work so unless you can rewrite the bad ones for cent os java it will be like that

Mods that i use are :







aditional pipes

advances machines

compact solar

all nukear mods

power convertion


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Ok, I also use Filezilla so that shouldn't be the problem. Unzip it on windows and then transfer to your server with filezilla. You are sure you have a clean install because you have an item id collision

[sEVERE] java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Slot 189 is already occupied by ic2chargingbench.common.BlockChargingBench@15674a4 when adding buildcraft.additionalpipes.chunkloader.BlockChunkLoader@103cd1c

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