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hello i made me terminal  i got energy and everything ok.. but  what should i do like if i use quarry that all my items goes to terminal? i was tried use gold pipes or etc transport pipes none of them doesnt work just doesnt connect to terminal.. am i wrong or ???

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No, regular transport pipes will not connect to the ME network. Also, you said you have the terminal, but do you have the rest of the core pieces of ME? The very minimum you need to store things in an ME network are the Acess Terminal, ME Controller, ME Drive and a Storage drive to go in it (1k, 4k, 16k, etc). Without all of these you won't be able to put anything in your network.

One you have all the correct parts you need to pump your items into chests (or Deep Storage Units) and hook them up to what are called an Import Bus. An import bus connects to the ME blocks with ME cable and you place it against a storage container to have it "Import" what ever is placed into the chest into the network.

You can also do the reverse with an Export Bus. 

And there are a third option called Storage Bus, which essentially change a storage block (like a Deep Storage Unit) into an ME storage container. All the items in a chest/DSU that is connected to a storage bus will appear in the ME network, but they will not take up drive space. 

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This might help..

Sorry man, but your audio is terrible on those videos.

Also you don't NEED to use the Laser/Assembly table set up for the Basic/Advanced chips anymore. At least a year or 2 ago they introduced a MUCH easier way to craft them using a Quartz Cutting knife and a regular crafting bench. 


This page includes the recipe for the Cutting Knife, as well as the 2 "new" recipes for the Basic/Advanced Chip Assemblies. Once you have crafted the assembly, you simply drop it into any furnace to cook it for the full chip.


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